Mayfair Literary Agency



NOTE: Mayfair Literary Agency only represents authors and illustrators who are residents of Australia

Please include the word ‘submission’ in the email header plus the title and genre of the manuscript. Then include the following in the
body of the email:

  • Subject line: submission - manuscript title – author name – genre
  • A one line pitch.
  • A brief summary of the story (1-3 paragraphs). 
  • The manuscript word count, and genre.
  • A brief bio, with details of your writing background
  • Publication history (if any)
  • Please paste the first chapter of your manuscript or the whole picture book text into the email or include a link to your portfolio if you are an illustrator
  • ***If you have any social media links and a website, please attach at the bottom of your email.

(Note: this agency only represents children's and YA fiction)

We’ll try to respond to all submissions received, provided they are in accordance with our submission guidelines. If we are interested in your work we will get in touch within twelve weeks, asking to read either a partial or full manuscript.

If you receive an offer of representation from another agency, please email us right away and let us know.

If we do request more material, please allow up to eight weeks for us to get back to you. Feel free to check in again if we don’t respond within that time frame.

Please note - Mayfair Literary Agency is extremely selective about who we represent. We’re only taking on a small number of authors so we can give each client our time and attention. Commission based - 15%.

Thank you for thinking of Mayfair Literary Agency for your work – all the best!